ETL Conversion

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) technologies are an essential part of data warehousing and data integration projects. With a growing demand for high-performance data processing, ETL tools are expanding their set of features and opening out to integrate with other technologies utilized on data warehousing projects.

Occasionally, a need arises to convert systems from one ETL technology into another. Usually, such decisions translate into costly and lengthy projects, tying up the development team for several months, with the pressure to support the existing system while it is being converted. Often, additional resources need to be put on the conversion project, driving up the costs even higher.

Gamma has developed a set of ETL conversion utilities that are typically capable of auto-converting 60-80% of ETL code base. The utilities work with the commonly used ETL technologies, such as Talend, Informatica, and DataStage. Upon request, the data mappings can be extracted from the legacy ETL platforms into Gamma’s Data Warehouse Studio. repository to provide for platform-independent development going forward.

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