Big Data

The Three V’s of Big Data

In addition to meeting ongoing business requests for new or enhanced data warehouses and BI projects, many IT organizations now find themselves wrestling with the technical challenges of Big Data. Big Data changes traditional BI in three important ways (sometimes known as the three V’s):

  • It dramatically increases the volume of data to be analyzed. Projects can grow to encompass many terabytes or more of data.
  • It creates expectations for rapid response times as new technologies increase the velocity of queries. Responses that used to require hours or days are now sometimes available in minutes or seconds.
  • It increases the variety of data sources, as organizations attempt to collect and plumb data from sources as varied as public records and sensor data.

New Solutions for Familiar Challenges

Big Data unquestionably introduces some new challenges for organizations. But many of the challenges of Big Data will be familiar to any experienced executive or developer who has worked on strategic BI or data warehouse initiatives. These challenges include:

  • Centralizing key design decisions, data mappings, and data lineages
  • Ensuring that BI code follows best practices and any internal style guides
  • Accelerating the development of code so that projects can come online faster and business users can benefit from faster “time to insight”

Gamma Systems can help with all these challenges. Our Data Warehouse Studio centralizes BI project design decisions and streamlines software development.

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