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Allianz Global Investors

Allianz Global investors

Allianz Global Investors Distributors LLC is the distributor for Allianz Funds, PIMCO Funds, and Allianz Funds Multi-Strategy Trust. In additional, Allianz Global Investors performs distribution services and serves as program manager for the CollegeAccess Section 529 Plan sponsored by the State of South Dakota.

Early in 2009, Allianz Global Investors realized that they needed a standard ETL solution that would become the tool of choice for the entire organization. The company began by examining its needs and realized that a large ETL platform would be too difficult to manage in terms of cost, personnel, and expertise.

The company chose Talend and Gamma Systems Data Warehouse Studio as its new ETL solution.

“The combined solution allows users to enter business rules without knowing the underlying ETL tool in depth,” said Simon Eligulashvili, founder and CEO of Gamma Systems. “Data Warehouse Studio generates ETL process—in our case, Talend jobs—according to the business logic entered by the business users or analysts, while the architecture is specified by the warehouse architect.”

“We immediately saw the benefit of using Talend as our ETL tool,” said Inderjit Chhatwal, vice president and business process development manager at Allianz Global Investors. “Data Warehouse Studio in conjunction with Talend is basically a fast-track solution and saved us both time and money. It’s proving to be 3 times faster than developing the same ETLs by hand, and the ability to reuse jobs, instead of rewriting them each time, is extremely valuable.

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