Management Team

Simon Eligulashvili, Founder and CEO

Simon Eligulashvili is a senior IT executive with over 25 years of experience in architecting, managing, and delivering innovative technology solutions with special focus in the areas of data warehousing, data integration/conversion and business intelligence. Simon is the creator of Data Warehouse Studio (DWS), a robust commercial platform that drastically accelerates build of large- and mid-scale data warehouses and data integration projects. Under Simon’s leadership, Gamma’s DWS has been selected as the productivity and automation tool of choice by a number of large enterprises, including Fortune-100 companies, for their critical data warehousing initiatives.

Simon is an author of several publications on data warehousing implementation methodologies and has presented at industry conferences covering ETL, Database, and disruptive technologies.

Sales and Marketing Team

Gamma Systems’ sales and marketing team is focused on delivering powerful, cost-effective data integration solutions to the enterprise market.

To contact the sales department at Gamma Systems, please write to


Gamma Systems also employs a team of data warehouse and ETL consultants as needed. The consultants help customers with all aspects of data warehouse planning and development using the Gamma Systems Data Warehouse Studio platform. They also provide training and other professional services for Gamma Systems clients.