Gamma Conformer

As data moves from source systems to the target data warehouse, it flows through phases that are independent of the sources, but specific to the target data warehouse. These phases include:

  • natural (or alternate) to surrogate key translations
  • surrogate key generation for new identifiers
  • referential integrity (RI) validation
  • record versioning and deactivation

Gamma Conformer eliminates the need to manually code these phases by masking the internal data storage rules of the data warehouse and exposing only attributes that carry meaningful business values. The component enables users to define system-wide rules for generating the conforming layer and moving data from this layer into target data warehouse table.

Gamma Conformer is available as a stand-alone tool or as part of Gamma Data Warehouse Studio.


> System-wide rules definition capabilities
> Customizable layer generation
> Ability to enforce reversed RI on super/sub-type tables
> Enhanced scalability & performance


> Reduced development times and costs
> Decoupling of source- and target-specific rules
> Ability to take advantage of RDBMS-specific features
> Guaranteed data integrity

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